Worst road in Detroit area? Try Mound Road

Potholes are a problem all over Detroit and Michigan. Which road is the worst? According to some, Mound Road. Take a ride with us and see if you agree.

Mound Road is a route and a major problem. The four lane road from 696 to 13 Mile is in such desperate need of repair that the man who is in charge of patching the crater-filled roads is at a loss to describe the problem.

"On a 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, they're the worst," Macomb County Maintenance Supervisor Leo Ciavatta said.

So when will they be fixed? It's going to take a long time. 

"Unless you drive a huge truck, your car is going to be destroyed and you will need a new front end," Darlene Todd said.

The people that patch the pot holes, are the same people that remove the snow. With all the snow we got last week, some of the workers are still plowing. 

"We still have people in subs we should finish those up today and we'll put every person we have on the roads make sure we can patch them," Ciavatta said.

Even though it hasn't snowed in a few days, the temperature has to be steady. Until that happens, cold patch has to be used - which isn't as good as hot asphalt. However, hot asphalt can't be used until April. Only then will it be smoothed out....for a while.

"You gotta know the difference between potholes and bad pavement. We use hot asphalt which should seal the holes until the next frost comes and that's probably in November," Ciavatta said.

To really fix the roads, you need a whole layer of cement. But that's a problem Lansing is dealing with and hasn't solved. Until then, the patches are just going to be temporary.

"We have crews on Mound today, yesterday. We will have them all week, and it will look like we haven't even been there. That's how bad it is," Ciavatta said.