WWII veteran's family upset over tombstone name mistake

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Five years ago, this family lost a father, a grandfather, and a hardworking World War Two veteran. His name was Claiborne Roberts.

"He was a big inspiration," said David Noyse, Claiborne's grandson. "Just like, things you pick up, personal morals and stuff like that in life."

But the remains of this man have not been properly treated, they say. The family says the tombstone at Woodmere Cemetery in southwest Detroit was chipped by a lawnmower - but even more upsetting - is that Claiborne is spelled Claibone.

"(We just) want the correct spelling; we just want the R in there," said Brenda Noyse, Claiborne's daughter. "Then we know it's done, I can be at ease."

They say at the time of the burial they showed Woodmere Cemetery employees a birth certificate, license and death certificate to order the tombstone. They called FOX 2 after requests for a correction went unanswered.

Cemetery managers responded when they saw the FOX 2 camera crew.

"Definitely, I'll get it taken care of," said a manager. "(We'll) look at the original paperwork, as long as you guys sign for the correct name, and they made the mistake - it will be easy."

"It will ease her mind and everybody's mind that his name that his name is spelled right," said Brenda.

Cemetery managers did not want to comment further on camera. They say they are now working with corporate to see if they can get the mistake fixed.

"Thank you very much for your help. Hopefully it will get resolved," Brenda said. "Hopefully the guy we spoke with will get it done and you guys won't have to come back out here."