Wyandotte dentist gives Downriver mom a whole new smile, for free

A young Downriver mom was in desperate need of dental help as her teeth were rotting away. Then a local dentist stepped in to save the day.

Today Kelsee Williams has a great smile but you wouldn't have known that she had major problems just a few months ago, thanks to the work of a Wyandotte dentist.

Williams' life has been rough and she hasn't had proper dental care. Back in July, when she stopped into Amazing Dental in Wyandotte, she was discouraged and depressed after seeing six dentists who said her teeth needed replaced with dentures.

"They basically all told me the same thing. Basically it was that I had to remove all my teeth and get dentures," she said.

Williams was used to hiding her smile, not going out, and avoiding meeting new people. She didn't even like to laugh in public. 

"I would never smile. When I would speak my mouth was closed all the time, I would never show my teeth."

The new mom was ready to give up after she learned her insurance wouldn't cover the restorative care needed - like crowns, bridges, and root canals. But her stop at Amazing Dental with Dr. Nawas Najor changed everything.

"She came in with rampant decay when, generalized, means it's all over her teeth," Najor said. "That's where we came in and decided to not do what the insurance plan recommended, but to do the right thing."

Najor and his team planned instead of removing them, they were going to save them all. 

"We looked at all the numbers - a $50,000 treatment plan - and I said I don't care, let's just keep her teeth," Nr. Najor said.

After months of work, Williams is about to see her new smile, even if her mouth is still a bit numb.

You have to see the moment she sees her smile for the first time - it's in the video above. 

"They just look so different. It just changes everything," she said.

Williams said Dr. Najor is the first dentist to treat her like a person, not just a patient.

"Happy is an understatement," she said. "Because of him I've gained my confidence back. I wanna go out,  I want to take pictures of me and my son - of me smiling. I'm just so happy."

The dentist office picks a patient each month to help. For more information on the project, click here.