Wyandotte family wants justice after dog is poisoned

A Wyandotte family says their beloved German shepherd puppy nearly died after it was intentionally poisoned.
They claim the neighbor did it and they have the evidence of the rat poison to prove it. 

Owner Michael Duda says he has grown close to his pup.

"He is like my son," Duda said. "I have two little boys I consider him my other son."

Zeke, a 5-month-old German shepherd has brought a lot of love to the Duda family.

Duda's wife, Melissa, says she didn't expect to embrace Zeke like she has,

"I wasn't a fan of dogs at first then I had him," she said. "Then I had him and I'm in love."

But last Saturday, they almost lost the newest member of their family.

Michael said, "He started bleeding from the mouth.  I  thought it was his molars (or) teeth."

Michael didn't think anything of it at first, but then Zeke got sick and began bleeding uncontrollably.  Then his eyes began rolling back in his head.

Michael and his wife Melissa rushed their new pup to the emergency vet.  Blood work revealed Zeke had been poisoned.

"They basically said your dog is dying and need plasma, a blood transfusion," Michael said. "And basically told us it wasn't good."

"The doctor sad he had an 18 percent chance of living," Melissa added.

Zeke was in critical condition for two days.  The Dudas claim there is one man to blame, their neighbor.

Michael saw evidence near the fence.

"There were green tabs, 20 of them," he said. "The wrapper was right next to it."

Sure enough, Michael says he found the remaining rat poison underneath the fence he put up to separate his family from his neighbor, who he claims has given them a hard time since they moved in two years ago.

Michael called Wyandotte police who tell FOX 2 they are investigating.

They also say this man is no stranger to the law.  He has been arrested before due to neighborhood complaints and he could face a felony animal abuse charge for his latest alleged stunt.

"We just knew. Why? That's what we want to know," said Michael.

We did too, but the man who lives alone never answered our questions.

Meantime, the Dudas are relieved it wasn't their toddlers who got into the rat poison and their fur baby is on the mend.

Now they want justice for Zeke.

"We can live finally in  peace and not be scared abot the next thing to come over our fence.  Enough is enough and we are not stopping until something happens," say the Dudas.