Young mom who lost arms, legs in crash wakes from coma

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An alleged misdiagnosis leaves a young mother with no arms no legs and in a coma for months.

On Mother's Day her life changed forever.

A car crash on May 15 sent Sade Hamilton, a 20-year-old mother of a newborn, to Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn.

"It t-boned her on the passenger side, she had to be cut out of the car," said Brian Gamage, Sade's fiancé.

The accident happened at the corner of Mercury and Hubbard shattering her pelvic bone. Brian rushed to be by his fiancé’s side.

"I left about 11 that night, I told her I love her," Gamage said. "(I told her) I would be back to visit her in the morning and I get a call the following morning that she was sick after the surgery and that her heart stopped."

Brian says her bladder was puntured during surgery and her heart stopped a total of six times.

"The very last time her heart stopped I was right there," he said.

Brian was right there with their five-month-old Braylon.

Her life was spared but the surgery took a toll. She lost her right arm below the elbow, her fingers on the other hand and her legs.

"Both legs are a little bit below the knee," Brian said.

But history has shown, Hamilton is a fighter after losing both parents as a teen.

"She went into foster care at 3," said Robert Sharpe, Sade's brother. "And she just had a traumatic life."

Now it's a new fight after a two-month coma, she's come around.

"At first she didn't even remember what we named our son," Brian said.

But her progress continues.

"Her birthday was last Friday, her brother Robert and I got her a tablet for her birthday," Brian said. "She can watch movies. And the nurses would video call me from the tablet, so I can talk to her.

"She said 'How am I going to use it with no hands.' But she said it in a joking manner.

"She knows the situation; she is not too broken down about it. Her spirit is a lot higher than you would think."

But her family knows getting her life back will require help, setting up a GoFundMe site.

'These bills could end up in the hundreds of thousands, maybe over a million in the long run," said Robert.

"The upkeep of her son and all other essentials she had in her life beforehand, she needs all the help and blessings she can get," Robert said.

The family has also hired a lawyer but so far no legal action has been taken. 

To help out Sade, CLICK HERE to find the GoFundMe page.