Young mother missing 3 weeks after aunt saw boyfriend throw her into car

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It's been three weeks since anyone has seen or heard from Kayla Swanigan.

The 24-year-old mother of two has been missing since Oct. 9 -  that's when her aunt, Sabrina Swanigan, claims to have witnessed Kayla's boyfriend shove her into a car near Dexter and Calvert, on Detroit's west side.

"The last time I saw Kayla she had a black eye," said Sabrina. "She (was) saying it's okay auntie, but he's shoving her into a car. It's not okay, love, if somebody is pushing you in a car."

Swanigan says her niece has had a number of problems with her boyfriend, from physical abuse, to Kayla even shooting him this summer.

Even so, Swanigan says their splits never lasted long. They would always end up back together and now she fears the worst.

"I'm fearing that he has killed her," Sabrina said. "She shot him and what would you do if somebody shot you and came back to you?"

FOX 2: "What is the last thing you heard from police?"

"They said he was on the run because he violated his parole," she said. "This is what the lady told me earlier today. They have been looking for him for a little while. And they said that they are doing the best that they can, looking for Kayla.

"Okay but it has been two-something weeks. You haven't got anything?"

The disappearance has taken a toll on Kayla's two children, especially her 4-year-old daughter.

"She went from being a loving child to now she's whispering everything, she won't ask for anything to eat, she's sitting in corners crying, 'I want my momma.' What can we do about that?" Sabrina said.

Not much. But Sabrina says she knows who can.

"Please just send her back to us," she said.

If you've seen Kayla or know where she may be please call Detroit police at (313) 267-4600.