Young mother still missing, months later, after sending mysterious text message

The family of a young mother who mysteriously disappeared earlier this year is still desperately looking for answers. Alisha McQueen has been missing for several months now and police don't have any new leads about what happened to her. 

She disappeared on March 7, last seen at an apartment complex in the Cass Corridor off Warren near I-94 that she shares with one of her sisters. Tesha Bonner says she never expected her to leave and not come back home. The last time anyone heard from the 27-year-old was in a bizarre text message sent to her daughter saying, "Green F-150."

That's all her family has to go on right now, and her sister also claims McQueen's husband had been abusive. 

"He was with her and she texted the vehicle that she was in," Bonner says. She says McQueen met with her husband on the day she disappeared, not sure of the reason why because after years of abuse Bonner says her sister planned on getting a divorce.

"Currently, he's in jail. He was not supposed to have contact with her. He was on a tether. So, he's in jail right now. He's not speaking. He said he doesn't know where she is. So we're hoping soon he can speak up and tell us where she is. She was with him last," Bonner says. 

At this time, Detroit Police are not able to confirm the family's allegations, also saying McQueen's husband is in custody for charges on a different case. But still, Bonner says she knows something isn't right.

"At this point, I'm feeling confused and hurt. I know it's not her character to just have her family and children concerned about her. It's not her character to just disappear, lose contact with everyone, not reach her children," Bonner says. 

Not hearing from McQueen for several months makes it difficult for the family to remain optimistic, but Bonner will not give up hope and continues to plea to the public for help. 

"You definitely need to speak up. God would want you to speak up. At the end of the day, God would want you to speak up. Do the right thing," she says. "It's not just right to keep that type of information from her children, other family, and people who care about her."

If you know anything about what happened to McQueen, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP. You will remain anonymous.