Ypsilanti man fights off gunmen who broke into home

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A homeowner fought off a couple of men armed with guns who broke into his home overnight in Ypsilanti.
The frightening scene was recorded from his doorbell camera of one of the suspects kicking in the door, with both young men rushing in with guns.

The homeowner heard loud banging on his front door and went to check it out. When he looked out he them trying to get in. Eventually the masked man got the door open -- and the two tried to rush inside.

The homeowner was standing right there and pushed them back out. The suspects took off running down the street. 

"I look in my peephole and I noticed one of the guys in the black hoodie had the gun pointed at the door like he was going to shoot through the door," said Anthony Richmond, who said he was in fight or flight mode. "I guess he noticed his other friend backing away and noticed that this mission isn't going as we planned."

The suspects took off running down the street, call Ypsilanti police at 734-994-2911 if you know who - or where - they are.