ZeeMee helps high school students bring their story to life for colleges

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Do you remember what you wrote for your college essay?  Now high school students are taking to a new online portal to showcase their talents and accomplishments in a way like never before.  ZeeMee an app is becoming very popular in Houston.

ZeeMee sounds like ‘see me’ and it allows students to stand out from the steep competition.

Lua McGimsey is one of ZeeMee’s featured students.  On her page you see her speaking Chinese and scroll down you will see pictures from her many trips to China.  She also makes short films.

One of Houston’s bright and shining stars, Delano Young is a strong leader at Mickey Leland College Prep.  On his ZeeMee page you see he’s interned with Sylvester Turner and hopes to one day have his job.

“When I graduate I look forward to going to law school. And then right after law school becoming a lawyer and getting my support system and potentially becoming the next Mayor of Houston,” Young said.

And taking a good look at Young’s ZeeMee page he really might be mayor one day.  ZeeMee is free for both colleges and students.

“For one, teenagers everything we put on Facebook and Twitter eventually comes back negative, so with ZeeMee it’s a way of putting the positive than the negative,” Young said, “ZeeMee is all friendly and all positive, there’s no cyber-bulling.”

ZeeMee is being used in 94 countries and 8,500 high schools.  More than a dozen of those high schools are here in Houston.  Schools like University of Houston and Texas Southern are parters.  It’s a win-win for both students and those in admissions.

“Resumes and essays are definitely important. We’re not saying they’re not. However, we think there’s a piece of the puzzle that’s been missing for the last 100 years. Part of that is our students are more than just test scores and numbers,” ZeeMee Recruiter Maurice Wilkins said.

Texas Southern says ZeeMee is a huge help in selecting their incoming class of 3,000 students from the 9,000 that apply.

“We want what’s not on the transcript, those personal stories that may reflect their grades but take that to the next level. What story can we not gleem from the transcript? What personal thing do they want to share with us that sets them apart from everyone else?” TSU Admissions Director Brian Armstrong said.

Delano Young hopes through ZeeMee he stands out to his top choice University of Oklahoma.

“Hopefully they love everything I have to offer and see that besides my academics that outside of the classroom, I’m well balanced,” Young said.