At 43, Tom Brady still re-writing NFL history

How does someone spend almost half of their 21-year NFL career playing in the biggest game? 

"If he wins his seventh ring with a new team in the middle of a pandemic, you have to consider Tom Brady the greatest athlete in North American sports history, and that includes Michael Jordan," said 620 WDAE radio host Tom Krasniqi.

Besides his talent, 43-year-old Tom Brady credits his longevity to his healthy lifestyle, which he promotes as the TB12 Method.

"In my experience, the better I've treated my body, the better I've eaten, the more hydrated I am, the better pliability treatments I get, the more sophisticated my workouts have been, the better my body's performed," Brady said.

Last year, Brady opened the TB12 Performance and Recovery Center in Tampa.

"You’ve heard pliability what that means its the state of the muscles should be long soft and relax do their job at 100%," said TB12 body coach Bryan Hart.

Brady was famously drafted 199th overall.

In an interview two years ago, after he defeated Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in the AFC conference title game, Tom Brady Sr. said this about the win: "I've never seen him have a wider smile. It was a stud in Mahomes against the old decrepit prizefighter fighting through the 14th round. He showed the young guy, it's OK to be old. He's got as much fight as he had before."

And even under a new banner, Brady is still fighting off father time.

"Now a home Super Bowl for the first time in NFL history, I think, puts a lot of cool things in perspective anytime you’re the first time doing something it’s a pretty cool thing," Brady said.

Perspective is something the man dubbed "the GOAT" has a lot of.