SportsWorks: Dan Miller, Pat Caputo & John Niyo

FOX 2's Sports Director Dan Miller was joined by Pat Caputo & John Niyo on the roundtable as they talked about the Lions falling to the Rams.  Pat said he thought the Rams looked flat and now it's a lost season.  Both said it's painful to watch now.  They broke down what went wrong and where they go from here in the final four games.  The guys also gave their thoughts on possibly trading Matthew Stafford. 

The College Football Playoff was next on the rundown and if the committee got it right.  John says he believes the eight-team playoff is getting closer.  Pat says it's simple to expand and doesn't know why it hasn't happened yet.

Michigan playing Florida in the Peach Bowl was brought up.  John says he doesn't think anyone on either side likes the match-up.  Pat says they couldn't come up with a more dull team to play.  They all agreed the result doesn't matter because it's not where Michigan wanted to be.  The guys also talked about the state of the program right now.

The crew also gave their thoughts on Michigan State playing Oregon in the Redbox Bowl.  Pat says that offense is awful and John says decisions will have to be made.

Next on the docket were the Red Wings and how they've been playing better, but not getting much traction.  John says they took advantage of the schedule and has played well.  Pat says they've played entertaining hockey.

Pistons being on fire was also talked about and how Blake Griffin is a star.  John says he is forcing other guys to play at his level and be accountable.  Pat says the reality is Blake is healthy, but hasn't played 70 games in four years and has to stay healthy.

Michigan basketball and their strong start to the season was also on the rundown.  Pat says they were so underrated in the preseason polls and they're a genuine National Championship contender.  John says they are just destroying teams and they are being well coached.  Michigan State basketball was also broken down and how they've been up and down.  Pat says they are good and still can do everything they want to do this year.  

Lions Game Night came on as the guys went more in depth on the loss and looked ahead to the Cardinals.

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