SportsWorks: Dan Miller, Sean Baligan, John Niyo & Tim McCormick

FOX 2's Sports Director Dan Miller was joined by John Niyo Sunday night on the SportsWorks roundtable as they started with Michigan State's response to the ESPN's Outside The Lines report.  They talked how this isn't going to go away and how Michigan State hasn't been transparent.  John talked how there are no leaders at MSU with so many leaving and how quickly this story is moving.  John also spoke about the survivors saying they need more from Michigan State and how Michigan State needs to find a way forward right now.

Sean Baligian then joined the roundtable as they talked about Michigan State's win at Maryland Sunday.  Sean talked how there is something missing with this team, maybe they need Izzo to fire them up.  John talked how Miles Bridges needs to take charge.

Basketball analyst Tim McCormick joined Dan to break down the Pistons and their eighth loss in a row.  Tim says it's time to "re-calibrate" their thoughts on the team.  Tim also talked about how big the loss of Reggie Jackson is and how the Pistons have role players and not star players.

College basketball was up next and Tim broke down his current best four teams in the nation.  

The Tigers closed the show as the roundtable talked about TigerFest on Saturday and how they have zero expectations.  Sean talked about how it's a big year for Matthew Boyd & Daniel Norris.  John talked about the young players needing to build a winning culture by being scrappy.  They also talked how they possibly could make a Miguel Cabrera trade work.

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