SportsWorks: Woody Woodriffe, Jamie Samuelsen & John Niyo

FOX 2's Woody Woodriffe was joined by Jamie Samuelsen & John Niyo on the roundtable to talk about the Lions loss to the Chicago Bears.  Jamie says the issues are happening on offense and he doesn't understand what they are doing.  John says they are headed for double digit losses and this is when you start to wonder who will be here for the long term.  Woody says Matthew Stafford is regressing and Jamie says they need to make a change at offensive coordinator.  They all say the Lions looked unprepared and if they are better off than they were three years ago.

Michigan beating Rutgers is next on the docket as their College Football Playoff dreams stay alive.  John says they need to just stay healthy until The Game.  Jamie says you haven't seen him have to make a comeback yet, but they are doing everything perfectly fan.  Jamie also says if they win out, they will be a lock for the College Football Playoff.  John talks about their offensive line and balance overall on offense.

The Spartans losing to the Buckeyes was also brought up and the panel debated which Michigan State quarterback should be under center.  John talked how Ohio State dominated field position and Jamie says he doesn't know if there is a silver lining here.

Next on the rundown was the Pistons and their inconsistency.  Woody says this is what he expects.  Jamie says they need to learn how to win when Blake Griffin doesn't have a good game and they need to shoot better.  John also says this is what you kind of expect.

The Red Wings on fire were talked about.  Jamie says the young guys are playing better and John says it looks like Dylan Larkin and Anthony Mantha are growing.  He also says everything that is going on is good. 

Lions Game Night came on as the guys recapped their loss to the Lions and previewed next week's game against the Carolina Panthers.

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