SportsWorks: Woody Woodriffe, Jamie Samuelsen & Pat Caputo

FOX 2's Woody Woodriffe was joined by Jamie Samuelsen & Pat Caputo on the roundtable to talk Lions and their last second loss to the Cowboys.  They talked how Jarrad Davis struggles in coverage and to go one-on-one with Ezekiel Elliott in such a pivotal situation shouldn't happen.  Jamie says it's frustrating how they can't put multiple games together to stop the key players.  The crew also brought up bad penalties shooting themselves in the foot.  Jamie said Kerryon Johnson running nine times Sunday was "ridiculous" as Pat says their offense isn't their problem.

Michigan's win over Northwestern was next on the docket.  Jamie says Shea Patterson didn't play great, but a win is a win.  Pat says the only good thing about Saturday was last year they would've lost that game.  Michigan State was next up as they beat Central Michigan on Saturday.  Jamie says the pick in the end zone was as bad as you'll see, but they brought up the Spartans aren't healthy.  The guys also talked about how stout Michigan State's defense has been.

Next on the rundown were the Tigers and their season coming to an end.  Pat says the season wasn't as bad as it could be, but a lot of these players won't be here when they are ready to win again.  The guys also talked about what to do with Nicholas Castellanos this offseason and where to play Miguel Cabrera next season.

MLB playoffs were next up and how the four National League team's will set up their teams for the tie-breakers.

Red Wings' opening their season and the panel gave their thoughts on what people will see this season.

Lions Game Night came on as the guys broke down the bad loss to the Cowboys and where the Lions go from here with one game before the bye week.

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