SportsWorks: Woody Woodriffe, John Niyo & Will Burchfield

FOX 2's Woody Woodriffe was joined by John Niyo & Will Burchfield on the roundtable to talk about the Pistons getting blown out in game one by the Bucks.  Will says they weren't ready for the playoffs.  John says it's a total mis-match and the Bucks were out to send a message.  The guys talked about what the Pistons need to do in game two.

The Tigers struggling on offense was next on the rundown.  John says it's a lack of big hits with a lot of strikeouts and talks about how injuries are playing their part.  Will brought up Jordan Zimmermann and why he is struggling.  

The crew moved on to the Red Wings and their offseason.  Will and John broke down what needs to happen for the Red Wings to be contenders and the future of General Manager Ken Holland.

Tiger Woods back on top was debated and how his story has gone full-circle.  The guys talked about his strategy to wait until others fall apart before he made his move.  They also debated where this ranks on comebacks.

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