Burns Night at Home with Ackroyd's Scottish Bakery

Burns Night, also called Burns Supper, is traditionally a big party or dinner, held on or around January 25 (next Monday), to celebrate the life of Robert Burns, considered to be the national poet of Scotland. This year the party is virtual, but Akroyd's Scottish Bakery has created a Burns Night dinner kit for 2. It's everything you need for a Burns Night meal for two people, including the star of the party, haggis.

Good soup starts with good stock

When it comes to making a good soup, you have to start with a good base. Chef Jim joins us from the kitchen of Joe Muer Seafood, with some tips on making a great stock.

Style File: How to dress for outdoor dining

Right now, if you want to eat at a restaurant in Michigan, you have to do it outside. There are a lot of options when it come to bringing fashion to the table. Style guru Chuck Bennett shows us some looks.

Kickstarting a Vegan Diet

Tips for kickstarting a vegan diet from Cooking With Que: 1. Change the staples in your fridge the Mayo, salad dressing, cheez, eggs, milk We are reading the labels - eliminating anything that has a Momma 2. Plan out your Weekly Meals Only buy what you need, and keep "the right foods" around you. You are what you eat.If you feed yourself crap... that 's what your insides. become. 3. Healthy Snackage Keep simple foods readily available. Fruit: Fresh Frozen or Dried Seeds: for homemade trail mixes