Severe Thunderstorms: How Do They Form?

With the threat of severe weather, you'll want to know how thunderstorms form and what dangers they bring. Meteorologist Lori Pinson provides an explanation in this Weather or Not.

Say hello to Summer! The Solstice is tonight!

May in Detroit brought two days of temperatures near 90 degrees, so we've already experienced "summer" temperatures. Though the meteorological summer started June 1st, we officially welcome summer tonight. A little more detail, in this Weather or Not.

Tour For A Cure. Biking 200 miles across Michigan to raise lupus awareness.

It's a major disease that's difficult to diagnose. Women are the most susceptible. Lupus has no known cause or cure. With more than 16,000 people diagnosed with lupus each year; one man felt it was his personal mission to raise awareness of this potentially deadly disease. In this Weather or Not, we highlight his 200 mile bike ride across Michigan and tell you how you can help.

Severe Weather Awareness Week Tornado

Tornadoes are a dangerous component of severe weather. This is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Michigan. Meteorologist Lori Pinson looks back at a tornado that took a community by surprise.

Bright February Full Moon Peaks Overnight

Tonight's full moon goes by many names, but only peaks at one time. If you miss a glimpse of this bright moon, Weather Or Not tells you when to expect the "Worm Moon."