Our Upcoming Harvest Moon Could Be Brighter Than Ever

September's full moon is the last of four consecutive Super Moons this year! This full moon closest to the start of fall will rise at close to the same time for several evenings, providing peak illumination. Meteorologist Lori Pinson has the details.

Do dandelions deserve the title of weed?

These pesky perennial plants sprout in the spring, despite our many wishes they just disappear. But dandelions may not deserve the hatred they get. In fact, they have many uses as well.

Air quality ozone conditions - how they impact us and the climate

Our atmosphere is changing. Rising surface temperatures, fluctuating precipitation patterns and increases in pollutants bring health concerns attributed to climate change. Concentrating on the air we breathe, two components contribute greatly to air pollution and can be inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream.

Air Quality Ozone

This is Air Quality Awareness Week with today's focus on climate and pollution. In this Weather or Not, Fox2's Meteorologist Lori Pinson details the particulate matter that produces smog and what we can do about it.

Pink Moon

The first full moon of Spring, the April full moon, is also called the Pink Moon and it reaches peak illumination overnight. In this Weather or Not, Meteorologist Lori Pinson takes us through the history associated with April's Pink Moon.

How dangerous is lightning? Severe weather questions answered

Lightning strikes the United States about 25 million times a year at 100 times a second. According to the CDC, lightning claims the lives of 28 people nationally each year. The National Weather Service ranks Michigan at number 11 in the country for lightning deaths.