FlyinBrian, Olympic Hopeful

It's been two years since we first introduced you to an Olympic hopeful. Brian Rice is still pursuing his dream of joining the Olympic snowboarding team. In this Weather or Not, Lori Pinson catches up with FlyinBrian on his way to an international competition. If you'd like to help Brian achieve his goal, the link to his go fund me page is on our website at Thanks for watching!

Black Fire Winery

A former firefighter turns his retirement into a second career: wine making, becoming the first African American owner of a vineyard in southeast Michigan. Will his vines be able to withstand our Michigan winters? Lori Pinson takes us to Black Fire Winery in this week's Weather or Not.

Black Fire Winery

After 27 years as a firefighter, retirement finds Michael Wells taking on a second career as a winemaker. Fox2's Lori Pinson has the story.

Fall Colors

Fall leaf color in Southeast Michigan took a little longer to peak this season due to changes in our weather pattern. In this Weather or Not, Meteorologist Lori Pinson discusses our October weather changes and how that affects leaf colors.

October Sky

October features the Hunter's Moon and the Orionids meteor shower. Will both be visible? Meteorologist Lori Pinson tells you what to expect in this Weather or Not.

All About Tornadoes

An approaching cold front could bring the threat of an isolated tornado today. Do you know the signs of tornado development? What would you do if a Tornado Warning was issued? Learn all about tornadoes in this installment of Weather or Not by Meteorologist Lori Pinson.

All About Flooding

Flood Warnings continue for the Huron River at Hamburg in Livingston County. With more rain in our extended forecast, do you know what to do in a flash flood situation? Meteorologist Lori Pinson provides some answers in this Weather or Not.

All About Hurricanes

With the addition of two more named storms in the Atlantic, the hurricane season is getting more active. How do hurricanes form? After last year's exceptionally active season, what are hurricane experts predicting for 2021? The answers in this edition of Weather or Not.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Nature's light show is peaking over the next two nights! It's time for the Perseid Meteor Shower! Fox2 Meteorologist Lori Pinson has the details on when and where to look.

Behind The Scenes Weather

Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes of a busy weather day? Wonder no more! I put together this look at a not so typical weather day as we work during covid restrictions. Come with me as I take on the early shift. Let’s go!

Severe Thunderstorms: How Do They Form?

With the threat of severe weather, you'll want to know how thunderstorms form and what dangers they bring. Meteorologist Lori Pinson provides an explanation in this Weather or Not.

Say hello to Summer! The Solstice is tonight!

May in Detroit brought two days of temperatures near 90 degrees, so we've already experienced "summer" temperatures. Though the meteorological summer started June 1st, we officially welcome summer tonight. A little more detail, in this Weather or Not.

Tour For A Cure. Biking 200 miles across Michigan to raise lupus awareness.

It's a major disease that's difficult to diagnose. Women are the most susceptible. Lupus has no known cause or cure. With more than 16,000 people diagnosed with lupus each year; one man felt it was his personal mission to raise awareness of this potentially deadly disease. In this Weather or Not, we highlight his 200 mile bike ride across Michigan and tell you how you can help.