Boating Safety Tips

There are 450 lakes in Oakland County, more than any other county in Michigan. With more than 83,000 boaters navigating the waterways, it may be time for a refresher on boating safety. In this Weather or Not, Meteorologist Lori Pinson shares boating tips provided by the Oakland County Marine Unit.

Air Quality Alert/Ground Level Ozone

During the summer, we may have Air Quality Alert days. This lets us know the air is unhealthy due to an excess of particulates or ground level ozone. In this Weather or Not, Meteorologist Lori Pinson defines what causes an Air Quality Alert day and what you can do to prevent it.

Campus Rocks

Teach, Empower, Achieve. These are the core values of Rebel Nell, a social enterprise jewelry company aimed at helping homeless women transition back into society. For this Weather or Not, we examine a unique jewelry line within the company using materials you may already be familiar with. Fox 2's Lori Pinson has the story.

Holland's Historic Windmill

In this Weather or Not, take a historical journey from the Netherlands to Holland Michigan as we examine the country's only working windmill. Lori Pinson has the story.

Tulip Time Festival

With over six million tulips blooming in Holland Michigan this week, it's easy to get caught up in their beauty. But there is more to the tulip festival than just the tulips. Meteorologist Lori Pinson joins us on the road to Holland in this Weather or Not.

On The Road to Holland

It's May and that means it's tulip time in Holland, Michigan! Come with us as we hit the road to Michigan's premier tulip destination with Meteorologist Lori Pinson.

All About Lightning

Beautiful to look at but potentially deadly to be around, lightning doesn't have to strike you directly to harm or kill. In this Weather or Not, Meteorologist Lori Pinson discusses lightning formation and hazards.

All About Hail

No one likes to see this severe weather hazard especially since hail damage costs are near 22 billion dollars a year in the United States! Meteorologist Lori Pinson explains hail formation and precautions.


It's been a snowy February. 19 inches so far, more than 9 inches above normal. One non-profit decided to use all that snow in an unusual way. In today's Weather or Not, we explore the winter phenomena called "Scouching."

The Beauty of Snow

There's a beauty to a fresh snowfall. If we could see each flake up close, we may appreciate the snow even more. In this Weather or Not, we examine snow shapes and their origins.

Michigan snow: How does snow form and where did it come from?

You knew it was coming. Snow in February in Michigan is not unusual. But to receive almost a foot in one snowfall is! You may be wondering, how does snow form and what makes it a wet or dry snow? The answers in this week's Weather or Not!

Painted By Pinson

Working from home during the covid shutdown, I discovered a new skill: renovating vintage and antique furniture! Responding to viewer's request to put my techniques online, I created this video for you of a vintage table flip. Over the course of a week, I primed, sanded and panted while shooting and editing the video.In this Weather or Not, we'll highlight one of my projects, Painted by Pinson.

FlyinBrian, Olympic Hopeful

It's been two years since we first introduced you to an Olympic hopeful. Brian Rice is still pursuing his dream of joining the Olympic snowboarding team. In this Weather or Not, Lori Pinson catches up with FlyinBrian on his way to an international competition. If you'd like to help Brian achieve his goal, the link to his go fund me page is on our website at Thanks for watching!

Black Fire Winery

A former firefighter turns his retirement into a second career: wine making, becoming the first African American owner of a vineyard in southeast Michigan. Will his vines be able to withstand our Michigan winters? Lori Pinson takes us to Black Fire Winery in this week's Weather or Not.

Black Fire Winery

After 27 years as a firefighter, retirement finds Michael Wells taking on a second career as a winemaker. Fox2's Lori Pinson has the story.

Fall Colors

Fall leaf color in Southeast Michigan took a little longer to peak this season due to changes in our weather pattern. In this Weather or Not, Meteorologist Lori Pinson discusses our October weather changes and how that affects leaf colors.

October Sky

October features the Hunter's Moon and the Orionids meteor shower. Will both be visible? Meteorologist Lori Pinson tells you what to expect in this Weather or Not.