"Moms, I Got You"

Adrienne M. Smith intertwines the harmonious chords of her life as a dedicated wife, mother of three, passionate evangelist, and gospel recording artist into a symphony of service and love for God and people. As the creator of the "Mom on a Mission" community, she offers a sanctuary of support and empowerment to mothers -. Her vibrant ministry and heartfelt music reflect her deep worship and commitment to her family and her faith, resonating with those who experience her work. Adrienne's life stands as a moving anthem to the transformative power of grace, fellowship, and the joyous responsibilities of motherhood. Book Description: In the midst of the beautiful chaos called motherhood, it's easy to feel lost. "Mom, I Got You" is your spiritual lifeline back to the surface, crafted by a mother of three who knows what it's like to be searching for the light in the everyday trenches of raising children. Embark on a 31-day journey designed to uplift, inspire, and renew your spirit. Each day provides a piece of wisdom, a reflection of strength, and a prayer of hope, allowing you to find solace and a sense of companionship in the shared experiences of motherhood. This devotional stands as a heartfelt assurance that you're not alone in your struggles. With stories as tender as a lullaby and as real as the sleepless nights, the author shares how worship was her lifeline, her way of navigating through the rut to a place of grace. "Moms, I Got You" promises to help you: - Seek Comfort in knowing that other mothers share your journey, and find solidarity in the shared whispers of encouragement. - Cultivate Resilience by embracing the trials and triumphs of motherhood with faith and fortitude. - Deepen Your Worship in moments both hectic and hushed, understanding that each day brings you closer to the divine. - Foster Hope as you are reminded of the significant impact you make in the lives of your children and the legacy you are creating.

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