Dry conditions expected Wednesday before more severe weather later this week

Get excited! Our one dry day of weather is here. 

Our early week system is heading east with our late week system back to the west we'll find ourselves nestled in between which means not a lot going on rain-wise today. 

While it is possible an isolated shower develops late afternoon or evening it would be quite brief if it does so I'll leave it out of the forecast and focus on the dry stuff, which as you know we haven't had much of lately. 

While we're busy soaking that up today, storms will be brewing out west. Severe weather is likely in the Midwest but those storms will weaken and or stay north through tonight keeping our greatest storm chances Thursday afternoon/evening through the night. 

The SPC has assigned Southeast Michigan marginal risk for severe weather with 60 mph wind gusts being the primary concern. 

In addition to that risk, our atmospheric moisture content will be sky high leading to torrential downpours and thus a flooding risk that will linger into Thursday night and Friday. 

The front responsible for the wet weather will be moving south this weekend and bringing the rain with it, the question is how quickly does it move away?  

I will say there is at least a chance for a shower or storm Saturday, but I'll keep that chance low, Which means we could be in the market for a totally dry weekend.