Excessive Heat Warning in Michigan today; will feel like 105 degrees

The heat's coming! It's a cool and comfortable start, but watch how quick the temperatures climb. 

I'll go with a high temperature of 96 degrees, which if we get, will make today not only a daily record, but also the hottest we've had since 2019! 

Humidity levels will soar as well, leading to a heat index 100-105 degrees. High humidity makes it tougher for our body's natural cooling process (sweating) to be carried out, so there's an excessive heat warning and heat advisory this afternoon. 

Our saving grace is the duration of the heat. A cold front comes through tomorrow morning kicking our temperatures down a bit, with a more significant cooldown for the weekend. 

MAP: Detroit cooling centers open during extreme heat

Though do note, the 90s look like they're making a comeback next week. 

Storms will accompany the cold front but likely fade or be in the process of fading as they try to slip into Southeast Michigan overnight into tomorrow morning. Notice the storms to our west in this snapshot of midnight. 

Also notice there's not much left of the line of storms as they move our way.