Heat and humidity blanket Southeast Michigan this weekend with possible storms as well

There is so much going on around town this weekend! While the weather will hold up for the most part, there are some details to be aware of - so let's go!

Friday starts warmer and muggier which is a trend for the day. High temperatures will climb to about 87 degrees but with the humidity it will likely feel a little warmer than that. The skies will remain cloudy most of the day though despite the heat.

Saturday will have more sunshine as the heat and humidity stick around.  

Saturday high temperatures might actually make it to 90 degrees - but it could feel as hot as 92. Later in the day on Saturday there is a chance that some storms could build, the question is just "where?"  

Models currently are positioning the storms more in Central Michigan but some of them could pop up in Southeast Michigan. It's worth keeping an eye on.

Michigan summer 2022: One of the hottest, driest summers ever

Sunday won't be as hot, only near 83 degrees (still above average though!) but some rain showers are likely to linger. The rain won't be non-stop but instead will be come-and-go. Most of the heavy rain will stay just barely south of us in Ohio.

Monday is the best day of the weekend!

High temperatures near 80 degrees, lower humidity and no chance of rain. So whether you're headed to sporting events (Tigers, Michigan or Michigan State), Detroit's Jazz Fest, Arts Beats and Eats or the Michigan State Fair - have fun and be safe!