Metro Detroit snow: Area under Winter Weather Advisory on Tuesday morning

A winter which has largely shown itself in name only will ramp up this week with snow. 

It begins with a copious amount of moisture that funnels into Southeast Michigan on Tuesday morning in the form of rain and snow. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect to give you a heads-up that travel will get tricky at times in spots for the morning commute. 

That advisory is in effect until 11 a.m. Tuesday.

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I'll still stick with the general 1-2" of snow, though our easternmost communities are holding a bit milder this morning and that very well may keep them at and under an inch. 

The morning mess turns completely to rain by afternoon as milder air surges courtesy of low pressure winding up in the great lakes. 

Rain totals of up to an inch are possible, which, if this was all snow could be up to and possibly over a foot depending on the characteristics of the snow. 

Fear not, we have more flakes to come! Wednesday showers won't amount to much but the wind stays elevated as strong low pressure exits the area only to be replaced by another weaker system that could drop a quick inch of snow Thursday. 

Our eyes are still on Friday and Saturday for a *bigger* snowmaker. Data continues to bring a colder track for Southeast Michigan which pumps up the snow totals. 

This is not baked into the cake yet as we are still several days out, with plenty to sort though, but the potential is there for a big late week/weekend snow, which will be followed by a big shot of cold air. Winter is coming. 

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