Alan Longstreet

Alan Longstreet


I’m on the wake-up-at-2am-on-air-by-4am shift and… I ACTUALLY LIKE IT. When most people are taking their lunch break, I’m heading home. It's quite nice, once I move beyond the first 10 minutes of being awake which is truly awful. A small price to pay for an afternoon of freedom. Freedom to assist my wife in tending to our house full of small children, which let’s be honest is where the real work takes place.

I grew up in West Michigan (here’s looking at you Coopersville!) with three sisters and a brother, which yes, makes five of us + two parents = 7. This of course was a busy house and being in the middle of the bunch I seem to have developed a deep desire to keep the peace. So when you come at me with one of those "How does it feel to be a meteorologist? You get paid to be wrong!" comments, I will politely respond, "It feels great, thanks for watching." Now if you ask my little brother about my harmonious ways he might tell you about the time I pinned him down and punched him repeatedly, but having no memory of this myself, I’m not sure who we should believe. 

Growing up half an hour from Lake Michigan was both the best and the worst. The summer is best for obvious reasons; incredible sunsets, gorgeous beaches, huge dunes, etc etc. But then! summer turns to fall turns to winter and lake effect snow hits you like a ton of bricks and doesn't let up for what feels like a year and a half. So while my heart yearns for the west side in the summer, I am thrilled to spend my winters three hours away. 

Weather is fascinating and frustrating and wonderful. I’m blessed to work with the morning gang and thank you for watching!

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