Mid-80s and sun around Southeast Michigan Thursday while showers brew Friday

A drier, more comfortable day is shaping up for us Thursday! 

High temperatures today will make it back to the mid-80s after getting stuck in the upper 70s yesterday thanks to all that cloud cover. Humidity levels will be less too, meaning things should feel more comfortable as well!

A cold front resting off to our north still has our attention today, as we track its motion over the next 24 hours. 

It will drop south, bringing with it a few Friday showers and clouds. The whole day won't be wet, but we will see a few different chances for rain as it impacts us.

The cold front however does offer even better conditions for the weekend with sunshine and comfy highs near 80! 

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It'll be what I consider the perfect Up North type weather: sunny and nice in the afternoon and a little chilly after the sun sets - Saturday's low outside the city could drop to about 53!. 

This makes for a perfect night for a bonfire and some smores! Enjoy!