Monday's rare summer solstice full moon

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Monday will be a special day as we get to see something that hasn't happened in about 50 years ... a combination summer solstice and a full moon! And it's the fourth full moon of a season!  So much to talk about!

First off, the solstice marks the first official day of summer. At the summer solstice, we see the most sunlight in any day during the year. Monday in Metro Detroit, we will get 15 hours, 16 minutes and 54 seconds of sun between 5:55 AM and 9:12 PM. As the Earth rotates around the sun, places get different amounts of direct sunlight due to the Earth's 23.5 degree tilt. On the solstice, the sun will reach its highest point in the sky.

The summer solstice officially happens at 6:34 PM EDT on Monday June 20.

Also, on June 20, will be the full moon! It is termed the "Strawberry Moon" due to the fact that strawberries are often harvested this time of year. After doing some research, it appears that the last time the solstice and full moon fell on the same day was back in 1967.  And the next time it will happen won't be until June 21, 2062! (Here's a link for more cool facts about that.)

Also of note: most seasons have three full moons (4 seasons x 3 full moons = 12 months) ... but because the moon is technically full before the solstice begins, this is the 4th full moon of Spring. I thought that was cool...

If you take any cool pictures of the Solstice Full Moon, make sure to share them with me on my Facebook page!