Southeast Michigan heat wave: how summer 2022 temps stack up historically

Wowza - it's hot! This week continues the streak of way above average temps for southeast Michigan

The heat has gotten to my head, and I started thinking about how this current heat wave stacks up with years past. So you know me, I dug into it.

First off, yes it's been hot. June and July have been running a bit above average and to me, it's felt muggier than normal. In fact, we've seen 10 days at or above 90 so far this year and considering we have 3 more days this week alone we will easily top our yearly average of twelve 90 degree or higher days. 

And we still have the entire month of August. 

The current forecast has us hitting FIVE days in a row above 90 ending on Saturday, which seems like a lot of 90 degree days in a row - especially for Michigan. 

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So I looked back over the last 5 years. And it proves that it kind of is! At least for CONSECUTIVE days. 

In 2022, we had 8 consecutive days over 90. In 2018, we had 7 straight days. 

It almost seems like we're seeing this trend every other year... so in a way, it makes sense for us to get 5 this year in 2022!

While digging through the numbers though I began to notice a trend - most of our 90 degree days were happening in July. My childhood memories kept telling me that August was the hottest month around here but lo and behold, it isn't! It's easily July.

Over the last 3 years, the vast majority of the hottest days happened in July. In fact, in 2019, 90% of the 90 degree days were in that one month alone.

That research led me to perhaps the wildest thing I've discovered in a while here in Metro Detroit. Back in 1936 there was a SEVEN day stretch when we were over 100! 

Yes, that's correct seven days in a row in triple digits!  WHAT!  So hey, it could always be worse.