Summer temperatures with low humidity returning to Metro Detroit; first 90-degree days incoming

Almost by clockwork, the arrival of June comes with the return of hot weather.

This week, Metro Detroit is looking at temperatures in the mid-to-high 80s, as well as a few brushes above 90 degrees. There's also little wind and relative humidity rising around 70% during the early hours of the day. But in the afternoon, humidity levels will be low. 

As for rain, don't plan on seeing any precipitation until next week either.

Metro Detroit's returning heat

Temperatures will be in the 80s and 90s the entire week. 

  • Tuesday - 86 degrees
  • Wednesday - 89 degrees
  • Thursday - 90 degrees
  • Friday - 92 degrees
  • Saturday - 92 degrees
  • Sunday - 87 degrees

The daily low temperatures will bring us back down to the mid-to-low 60s. 

Luckily, the relative humidity that's expected won't make the heat overbearing, Expect levels to fall to around 30%. 

Mostly clear skies this week

Along with the warmth will come plenty of sunshine - so make sure to apply sunscreen when outside. Clouds will encroach as the week persists, reaching about 50% sky cover by Friday afternoon. 

Most of the day will be primarily sun before and after then.

Cruise ship Carnival Sunshine pounded by large waves during coastal storm near Charleston, South Carolina

Rain next week

The soonest we can expect to see rain is Monday, and even that estimation is up in the air. 

If it arrives, it'll be in the afternoon and will only be some showers. 

Air quality Alert

Michigan's environmental agency has issued an air pollution alert for much of the state, including in and around Detroit due to elevated levels of ozone. 

The alert means those who suffer from respiratory issues may struggle in the outdoor air Tuesday, thanks to particulate matters reaching moderate levels in counties including Wayne, Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair, Livingston, Washtenaw, and Monroe. 

The alert also includes much of the west side of the state as well. It'll be in effect throughout the day.

Ozone levels increasing in Metro Detroit

With heat rising rapidly and little chance of rain incoming, the department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy warns air quality "should stay mostly in the high Moderate range."

Some areas experienced almost enough particulate matter to reach USG levels - or Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups.