Wind gusts of 40 MPH expected Tuesday night as another line of strong storms push into Detroit

Stop us if you've heard this before in the past few weeks: it's going to rain in Metro Detroit and the storms that push into the area could be pretty powerful.

Over the past 30 days, if you count Tuesday, we've had 22 days of rain. That's 70% of the past month! We don't typically get this much rain in July and July here. 

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Tuesday morning started with passing showers and some thunderstorms but nothing major. But Thursday night, another active weather situation is pushing in and this one is stronger.

Several rounds of passing thunderstorms bring heavy rain, strong winds, and even the potential for hail until 9 p.m. The line of showers and thunderstorms will track across southeast Michigan at 30 mph as a cold front pushes into the area.

Around 3:30, the torrential rain started to pop up in Washtenaw County and tracking into Oakland County by 4:15 p.m.

The heavy rain could lead to ponding on the road and reduced visibility for drivers. It will also bring frequent lightning but the biggest threat is winds.

We could see 40 mph wind gusts across the area. That could cause sporadic power outages but should be done around 8 p.m. 

Then the heat and humidity get turned up for a few days and by Thursday, guess what? Yet another chance of storms. And that could stall out over southeast Michigan, which means storms sticking around into Friday.

This is the summer we're experiencing. It just doesn't seem to end.

Odds are still looking good for a dry weekend, but I will just mention there is some data that stubbornly keeps that front in the vicinity of Southeast Michigan, and if that were to actually happen we would get rain Saturday.

But for now, we'll keep that out of the forecast for the time being. Expect temperatures in the 80s with decreasing clouds Saturday and mostly sunny and low 80's Sunday.