"Winter is Over": Why Metro Detroit has likely put the worst of winter behind us

February is typically the snowiest month of winter in southeast Michigan. Typically, we get several snowstorms, with some coming as often as every other day. But not this year. We're a week into February and so far, we've seen no significant snow fall. And none is on the horizon. That brought Derek Kevra to a stunning conclusion: winter is over.

Whispers of Derek's declaration started to come about Monday night when he sent out a Tweet about there being no signs of winter weather for the next week.

"I don't see any winter weather until after February 15th... Maybe even after that. At that point we only realistically have four more weeks of potential winter weather anyway. So what I'm saying is, easy Winter."

Then on Tuesday, just as the Nine was starting on FOX 2, he came running in from the weather office after making the graphic to prove his point. Then he said it.

"I'm saying it right here, and you heard it here on Feb. 7, 2023, I am prepared to say that I think winter is over!" 

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So how did he get here? Well, this week temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s and we won't dip below freezing for the next ten days. He also doesn't see any big snow events coming either.

That means no prolonged stretch of cold, ice, and snow - which is what typically makes February so difficult. 

"I don't see any long stretches in February. Then we switch that calendar over into March and yes, we can get snow and cold temperatures into March, but prolonged twenties and teens that's tough to get, even as we move into March. I don't see it happening," he said. "So I think the worst of winter is done."

It's important to note - this does NOT mean that we won't get anymore snow.

"The days that build on each other and really mess with our minds, I don't see that," he said.

Meteorologically speaking, winter is over on February 28. According to the equinox, winter ends on March 21. But we all know that we can snow into April and even May around here. So don't go planting yet.

To date, we've received 16.8 inches of snow since Dec. 1. We are typically at around 26 inches of snow. 

Additionally, for December, January, and February, Metro Detroit gets about 33 inches of snow each year. It is extremely unlikely that we will hit that average this year.

That doesn't make it an easy winter by any stretch - we know there are businesses that have struggled through the winter which has seen less than average amount of snow. In January, we spoke with snow plow driver O'Neill Colley who said they've taken a hit this year.