Benstein Grille's shrimp 'n' grits recipe

This shrimp 'n' grits recipe comes courtesy of Chef Steve Toomey and Mike Richardson from Benstein Grille. Benstein Grille is in Commerce Charter Township, and its 160-seat upscale casual dining atmosphere restaurant offering American cuisine style food and service. For more information, visit

Shrimp (each) 10
Hoagie Bread (1 slice) 1
Cheddar/Chorizo Grits 9oz
Olive Oil 1oz
Fresh Garlic 1oz
S&P 1 tsp
White Wine Chicken Jus  2oz
Roasted Red Pepper 1oz
Mushroom 2oz
Scallions 1 tsp

Heat Pan with oil, season and sear shrimp with S&P, garlic. Add in sliced mushrooms, peppers
Heat grits in separate pan
Place Grits in bowl, and top with shrimp and vegetables
Top with Chicken Jus
Garnish with breadstick and scallions