Cars & Cigars- Smoke Detroit

Chef Bobby Nahra, along with local philanthropists Tom Celani and Dario Bergamo, have a preview of this year's Cars & Cigars event.  Put on by Smoke Detroit, Cars & Cigars benefits the Celani Family Foundation and the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. The proceeds from the event go to children of the Cigar Family School in the Dominican Republic and underprivileged families and children through local Detroit charities, Gleaners Community Food Bank, Capuchin Soup Kitchen, and Forgotten Harvest. 

Cars & Cigars will be held on Thursday, June 8, 2017 from 4:00-11:00 PM at the Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill, 14900 Metropolitan Parkway, Sterling Heights, Michigan. This fun evening sells out every year. Come join the festivities while contributing to a good cause. For tickets and information, visit  


Grandma Bergamo's Sicilian Meatballs:

Ø  Mixture of 2lbs Ground Beef, Ground Veal & Ground Pork or Italian Sausage w/Fennel

o   1/3 – 1/3 & 1/3 or 1LB Beef & ½ & ½ - Total 2Lbs

Ø  2 Eggs (usually 1 egg per lb.)

Ø  3 Cloves of Garlic & 1 Medium Sweet Onion (Both finely chopped)

o   Sautee in Extra Virgin Olive Oil until translucent (soft) let cool.

Ø  Salt & Pepper to taste (1/2 teaspoon each to start / use fresh peeper)

o   I like to add some zip with Ground Red Pepper.

Ø  1 Cup of Italian Bread Crumbs Seasoned (1 cup per 2lbs)

o   Option: 2 slices Italian or White bread soaked in milk if you like, squeeze out the moisture best you can, tear/mush & still add bread crumbs, no crust.

Ø  Flat Fresh Italian Parsley (chopped no stems – can use dry if you like)

Ø  Half teaspoon of Dry Oregano.

Ø  Parmesan Reggiano Cheese or Pecorino Romano (more pungent) freshly grated.

o   Remember, the cheese adds more salt.

Ø  Sprinkle / Pinch of Nutmeg.

At this point add everything together and mix very well using your hands:

Ø  Sprinkle in a little water as you go into the mix (not a lot) you can also sprinkle in some red wine if desired so the meat does not get dry. 

Note: Also sprinkle in a little Celani Red Wine if desired.  Don’t forget to sample first!

Ø  Lightly roll and shape the meatballs like a snowball (a little bigger than an egg or to your liking), do not over compact or they will be too firm. 

o   Tip – Side bowl of Olive Oil for your hands to keep the mixture from sticking.

Cook the meatballs raw in the sauce for 3 hours on simmer … add water to the sauce as it reduces, if necessary.

Note:  When you have to cook for many people it changes the dynamic and I usually bake at 350 on oiled cookie sheets for about 20mins and then drop in the sauce so to cut down on the cooking time.

Softly place into the sauce so you don’t splash all over and get into trouble with your significant other, cover the pot and let simmer for 3 hours stirring occasionally, you can crack the lid periodically.