Coping with the newfound stress of college life

School can be stressful at any age but for college students, taking on more independence can be hard while also concentrating on academics and their social life.

Dr. Gina Lynem from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan joined us in studio to share some ways college students can manage their stress.

First, it's important for parents to look for signs and symptoms that their child might not be adjusting well to the change. Dr. Lynem says her son wanted to come home a week after being at college.

"I think that's kind of normal home sickness, a lot of young people go through that when they go away to school, but, statistically, they say 80 percent of college students are overwhelmed by the rigor of college lives," she says. "That  can lead to depression, anxiety and other mood disorders."

She says stress becomes unhealthy whent he young adult is isolating themselves and not wanting to interact with other friends. She also says anxiety can sometimes show physical symptoms, such as sweating or upset stomachs.

Dr. Lynem says to always keep a line of communication open with your child, and to encourage him or her to take advantage of health resources on campus.

A couple hours of exercise a week can help increase good-feeling hormones in your child, too, and can help relieve the stress.