D-MAN's 7th Annual Dreams Come True event

Danny's Miracle Angel Network is helping make dreams come true by offering those in a wheelchair an opportunity to enjoy the Woodward Dream Cruise. 

The D-MAN Foundation is offering the special rides as part of its 7th Annual Dreams Come True on Woodward Event. For the past six years, D-MAN has transferred wheelchair-bound individuals into drop top convertibles for the Dream Cruise with the help of sponsors, donated cars and mechanical lifts. Last year, the D-MAN Foundation gave over 50 clients the ride of a lifetime at this extraordinary event.

D-MAN founder and chairman Ziad Kassab Travar Pettway joined us in studio to tell us more. You can hear from them in the video player above. 

The 2018 Dreams Come True On Woodward Event will be held on Friday, August 17, from 2-6pm in the back lot of the DAWDA MANN Building on 39533 Woodward Avenue in Bloomfield Hills.