Detroit Officers march to honor fallen officers

Detroit police officers marched through Downtown in memory of law enforcement personnel across the country who have died in the line of duty.

It was the 44th annual Detroit Police Interfaith Memorial service march. During the march a special tribute was unveiled. A car that had decals placed on the hood. The decals are the names of all 232 officers that died in the line of duty since the inception of the Detroit Police Department.
Police Chief Craig said the department has had had eight police officers shot or killed in the line of duty since September.

One of those officers is in critical condition. Officials said that the swelling in Officer Johnson's brain has gone down but it is still a critical situation when it comes to his prognosis and his health.
"Our officers have made the ultimate sacrifice. Talk about eight officers since September who have been shot or killed serving this community with distinction. We think about Officer Johnson and a speedy recovery. We remember all of the officers across the country that have made the ultimate sacrifice." said, Chief Craig.

The vehicle used in the march was donated by several companies and organizations. Officials said the vehicle stands as a testament to all of the great sacrifice that those 232 men and women made in the line of duty.

Police Chief Craig said that city leaders and council members need to be more present and vocal when it comes to these officers being shot.