Divorce with dignity class at the SheHive

Royal Oak resident Andrea Corp says "Divorce is sad. You need support when considering divorce, a very serious and life altering decision; in the early stages of pain and anger, during the most difficult stages of grief and loss, and post-divorce when there are new issues to consider, like figuring out how to be a stepparent, and dealing with the ex-wife of your new partner. There's also the memories and lingering pain."

Following her own divorce (and remarriage), the certified group trainer and facilitator remembered the lack of support she had during her own divorce and the support she would like, even after remarriage. This served as her inspiration to create Divorce with Dignity.

Divorce with Dignity is beginning at the SheHive at the end of this month, February 25. It's the implementation of her vision to provide support and inspiration to other women who are experiencing or have experienced such a monumental loss. She hopes to help women find the beauty within the pain of divorce. Corp adds, "Divorce is letting go and holding on... for dear life. It is endings and beginnings. All at one time. Magnified and electrified. It does not require a celebration, nor does it require a pity party. It requires strength and perseverance."

Andrea Corp is co-founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of The SheHive (1840 Hilton, Ferndale, www.TheSheHive.com). 

More information on the event itself can be found by visiting: http://www.theshehive.com/class-schedule.html