High schooler launches Schlepper, ride service for senior citizens

See a need, fill a need. It's always a great way to start a business - and that's exactly what Schlepper founder Jackson Partrich did. He founded Schleppers, a transportation service for senior citizens.

His service not only provides the elderly with private transportation, but also companionship along the ride. 

Many seniors are afraid of taking an Uber or don't know how to use the technology so this service is like having a grandson taking the customer around and keeping the person company. He takes seniors to doctor's appointments, on errands such as the beauty shop, the mall or the movies.

Jackson says he's been close with his grandparents his whole life, and got the idea from his high school where they encourage building strong relationships with the community. Jackson will be a senior at West Bloomfield's Frankel Jewish Academy this fall.

"It's all about having seniors feel comfortable in the car," he says. "We can build bonds and build relationships and they feel comfortable with me and I feel comfortable with them. You're not just driving them to a destination, you're engaging with them and getting to know them."

He says he talks about sports, animals and whatever else with his clients. He enjoys their conversations because both sides gain perspective and are constantly learning from one another.

He has about 10-12 clients right now and is continuing to grow.

He says he plans on keeping the business going when he starts school again this fall. He plans on working after school and on the weekends.

Jackson provides drop-off and pick-up, or he can go in with the client and help them shop, such as at a pharmacy or grocery store. It's a flat rate of $8 for either pick-up or drop-off, and then an hourly rate of $12 to stay and shop with the client.

For more information, visit www.theschleppers.com or call (248) 234-1223.