Internet problems? Try these recommended speed tests

No you're not crazy. A lot of us swear we aren't getting the internet speed we're actually paying for. But there is a way to check that very thing -- and internet companies say they want you to do it.

Many internet speed tests are available, but Bill Babbitt, a technician with Comcast, warned that simply searching for and using any random speed test may not give accurate results.

"Once you get out into the internet, you really can't control where that speed test server is connected. So we suggest you use the most common ones, the ones most likely to give you good results," he says. 

The recommended sites include,, and Derek Kevra's favorite is and he says he uses it all the time. Bill says you should, too. has the website and an app which are both free and safe. 

"If you're streaming video, playing video games, you might want to check it a little more often and see what your speeds actually are," Bill says. 

Take Bob Poremba, for example. He's paying for an internet speed of 100 mbps, but says his internet often freezes or lags. 

After running on his laptop, tablet and phone, he found only the laptop was lagging behind. He tried plugging the laptop directly into the router, and found the issue was with the laptop's wireless card and not the internet speed. But by testing the speeds he was able to isolate the problem.

And for customers like Bob, knowing what the problem is, is often half the battle.

Bill says a company like Comcast wants their customers to run Speedtest, especially when they notice their internet is slowing down. The info can help them figure out if they can solve the problem remotely or if they need to send out a technician.