Kayak the Detroit River from Belle Isle

Kayaking the Detroit River is a great way to get out and explore a new side of the city.

"Being able to paddle down next to the Ren Cen, you can see the People Mover, you go by Joe Louis Arena. It's so cool to be able to see that from a small kayak," says Tiffany Vandehey. She's the co-owner of Riverside Kayak Connection. It's a view everyone can experience on their guided tours.

Located on Belle Isle, the adventure company offers a variety of tours from a circumnavigation of the island to moonlight paddles downtown.

"Last week we took a group of Germans out and it was their first time paddling in Detroit. They were with a tourism group, and we got to see the skyline of Detroit with a full moon above us and the city was all lit up, and that's just the best part of my job," says RKC tour guide Aaron Rosen.

But the tours aren't just for those visiting. Detroit locals are also paddling out and finding new ways to enjoy the city.

"People stay downtown, not a lot of people come to Belle Isle so when they get out on a kayak and actually get out on the water, they're like this is a great environment. It's a great place to be and it's a new perspective," Rosen says.

"It's a great sport," says Vandehey. "We put people out every day in a variety of skills, abilities, ages, everything. It's fun for everybody."

At 10 years old, Autumn Knight is someone who finds a sense of freedom out on the river.

"It's just really fun. When you go out there and you get do like whatever you want," she says.

Some paddle the river for exercise while others use it as a date night. To plan your adventure, visit www.riversidekayak.com