Las Cazuelas Grill preview for Southfield's Experience Evergreen event

Experience Evergreen is a week-long event that celebrates all that Southfield has to offer.

Maria Cristina Aldana and Jose Gaytan from Las Cazuelas Grill, as well as Ken Siver, mayor of Southfield, are here to talk about the event.

Experience Evergreen began this Monday and runs through Friday.

Southfield will welcome the 100th Zoup! restaurant.

5 Guajillo peppers
2 peeled garlic cloves
1 pinch oregano crushed leaves
1/2 oz. Granulated garlic
½ cup of sliced onion
¼ of whole onion
12 corn tortillas cut into 8 pieces.
2 oz canola oil
½  oz. chicken base
1 cup shredded munster/mozzarella mix
2 large eggs
To make the salsa, boil guajillo peppers in 20 oz water until soft.
Once peppers are soft, get a cup of the boiling water and blend peppers with garlic, clove, granulated garlic, onion and chicken base.
Poor canola oil in a 2 in. deep pan in a low heat fry the tortilla pieces along with sliced onion, once chips are crispy texture and onion cooked pour eggs over the chips and onion stir until eggs are cooked.
Pour salsa and stir over low heat until salsa is completely heat.
Layer the chess over and until melt.

Makes three servings.