Lions' Stafford, Ansah surprise kids with pep talk

The Detroit Lions Youth Football Education Team gave some future football hopefuls a taste of some real NFL conditioning this past weekend. The team practiced running drills with the kids, as well as tightening their footwork and going long. But this was just the beginning.

The kids also walked to the Nike store in downtown Detroit to talk more about football and physical education - but they weren't expecting to see Ziggy Ansah and Matthew Stafford.

The two joined the chat - and you could hear a pin drop as the Lions superstars talked to the kids about life in the big leagues.

"I know when I was ya'lls age, I tried to play every sport possible," Stafford told the kids. "Just find out what you love."

Every kid got the chance for autographs and pictures with their two new favorite players.Their smiles are what One Pride is all about about.

It's one of the many highlights of the Ezekiel Ansah foundation launched in Ghana during the off season to promote physial education and opportuinity at home and abroad.  

"It's an honor to be out here in front of these kids. This is what I truly live for, for the kids, because they're going to be the future leaders of this country and all over the world," Ansah says.