Living the Life: Pursuing your passions

Pursing your passion can change your mood at work and in all areas of your life. A recent study found spending your life on hobbies leads to feelings of greater wellbeing.

For some people, having a hobby comes easy. Monica Gayle, for example, enjoys cooking and gardening and planting flowers in her yard. For some, thinking of and taking up the perfect hobby can be daunting. But as happiness coach and counselor Ursula Graham says, hobbies are a way to invest in ourselves and re-discover ourselves.

She joined us for this Living the Life segment to give us some tips on finding our happy place. You can watch in the video player above. She's from Create U. She offers individual, couple and family/group session in person and online. You can learn more at

Virginia from Art Yourself, LLC also joined us to show us some craft ideas to get the creativity flowing. Her shop is in Birmingham. You can get more information at