Movement United, state's largest parkour gym in Farmington Hills

A new gym that's unlike most opens for business in Farmington Hills. Movement United is Michigan's largest parkour, freerunning and Ninja Warrior gym.

"It's running, jumping, kind of getting back to natural movement," explains Jeremiah Bishop, the gym's owner. "We start you on the floor and work from the ground up."

Parkour promotes physical fitness, and they have glasses that include yoga hand balance, hooping, martial arts and tumbling.

It looks intimidating, but the gym is open for all athletic abilities.

"We have people from 5 years old, to 65 years old that are yoga instructors that come here, do parkour. It's really about adapting to whatever you can do. If you can't do this, we'll work our way around it - just like you would in real life," Bishop says.

Movement United is located on 24501 Hallwood Court in Farmington Hills. You can get more information on their Facebook page here