Newsmaker: Congressman Dan Kildee Talks Snyder, Flint Water Crisis

All eyes following the presidential race will be on Flint this weekend as the Democratic candidates square off in Sunday's televised debate. Among the questions they'll likely get asked will be the role the federal government should play in fixing the city's water crisis and how to ensure it won't happen again.

U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Flint) visited the Fox2 Studios Saturday to discuss the situation with Charlie Langton, and didn't mince words about where the responsibility lies. 

"The Governor hasn't come anywhere close to fixing the problem," he explained. "It takes more than just apologizing." 

Whether he caves to pressure from Democratic lawmakers to resign, or completes the remainder of this term, Kildee said Gov. Rick Snyder has only one path to regain his reputation. 

"If he wants to repair his reputation, the only way he does that is by fixing Flint, by repairing the damage he did," Kildee said. "If he does that, then he has a legitimate claim to stay in office."