Pig & Whiskey Festival

The Pig & Whiskey Festival is taking place in downtown Ferndale now until Sunday July 19th. Click here for more information about the festival. This Recipe is courtesy of Chef Jason Frenkel of Sticks & Bones Grill:

Recipe for Sticks & Bones Grill Slaw!

Bahn Mi Dog

Home made roll
Smoked sausage 
Pulled pork 
Bahn Mi slaw

Bahn Mi Slaw

Cucumber sliced in strips
Thin red onion 
Shredded carrot 
Minced garlic 
Shredded Cabbage 

Mix all veggies in a large bowl. Amounts to your liking or a 1/2 cup of each and a tablespoon of garlic. Cilantro in large pieces.

Slaw dressing 

1cup of sugar
2tablespoons of salt 
1/4 cup of honey
3.5 cups of rice wine vinegar 
1/2 Sambal chili garlic sauce 
Whisk until all sugar is dissolved. Add dressing to veggies and rest in the fridge for 3 hours or over night. Serve cold .