Twitter launching #Tweetup spaces July 25-Aug. 5, including Detroit location

People all around the world come to Twitter daily to have meaningful conversations about what's happening in their lives, and in their world. On July 25, Twitter will launch its first-ever global experiential activation to bring the power of global conversation to life.

Joining FOX 2 is God-is Rivera, Global Director of Culture and Community at Twitter.

"The activation will take place in 40 global cities around the world, including right here in Detroit. These spaces, called #Tweetups, will be free, open to the public, and rooted in Twitter's mission to break down global barriers and connect cultures, ethnicities and humanity through immersive conversations. The Detroit location is the Spirit of Detroit Plaza, fitting for this  world-wide activation.
The 40 global #Tweetup spaces (public installations, made from industrial shipping containers), will be open from July 25 through August 5. From Berlin to Brooklyn, Doha to Detroit, Lagos to Los Angeles, these #Tweetups will demonstrate the power of conversation through live, experiential video interactions, powered by Shared_Studios."