Wear denim Wednesday to raise sexual assault awareness

It's Denim Day -- a day to raise awareness about sexual assault.

FOX 2 is wearing denim today, as you might have noticed in the newscasts, as part of an effort to remind people that the statistics of this heinous act are startling.

Larmender Davis says a serial rapist violates between seven and 11 victims, and one in four women will be raped or sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.

Davis is a member of the AA490 Challenge. It's a campaign to raise $206,000 to test rape kits that have yet to be tested.

Eight years ago, the 11,341 rape kits that were discovered in a Detroit warehouse.

Today, about 600 remain but there isn't enough money to pay for them to be tested.

About 81 percent of the victims are African American, and now the community is joining with the African-American 490 Challenge to raise money to test those remaining kits.

There will also be a fashion show called Jeans for Justice and all proceeds will go towards getting those kits tested.