Why the Early Action Deadline for college applications is important

Not only is this weekend Halloween, but it's also the cut-off for high school students to get in those early college applications. November 1 is the first "Early Action Deadline" of the year for high school seniors (and their parents) to submit applications to many Michigan and out of state colleges and universities

This deadline is a big dead because seniors who submit their college application by this Saturday are guaranteed an answer about admission on or before December 24.

VIDEO: Former high school guidance counselor and owner of SK College Consulting Shayna Klein joins us on The Nine to share some tips about getting your college-bound kid ahead of the game.

Here are her last minute college application submission tips for students:

1.       Have an adult review the application. For as many times as you have read and re-read your application, there could still be mistakes. There is nothing wrong with asking for another set of eyes.
2.       Follow up with your recommenders. Check in with the individuals you asked to write recommendation letters on your behalf. Have they finished? Is there additional information they might need from you? Write your recommenders a thank you note … they have a lot on their plates, too! 
3.       Proofread your essays. You cannot rely on the spell check function exclusively because words may be spelled correctly but misused.
4.       Be honest and be yourself.  Colleges want to know who you are.
5.       Take a deep breath and be patient. Once you've hit submit, it's in the hands of the college. Find fulfillment knowing you've "submitted" your best self and that the colleges would be lucky to have you.