1 month after Carlos Hall was found killed in his home, family wants closure

The family of Carlos Hall wants closure a month after his murder.

"They miss him, I miss him, we all miss him," said Gwendolyn Jones. "He was a good man and didn't deserve this."

Jones lost her son in May when Carlos Hall, Sr., 47, was shot and killed.

"I was at home - I got a call - sit down, my baby's gone and I don't know why," Jones said. "I just need somebody to help me find out - find those that did it."

Jones - tried to hold back tears as she and her family ask for help -  and remember their loved one.

"Carlos Hall was my fiancée - he was a son, he was a father, he was a grandfather," said Sharon Cannon.

It happened at 1:30 p.m. May 19, on Sunday at his home on Manor near Meyers and Schoolcraft. He was a victim of a vicious crime.

He was found by his roommate shot multiple times.

"He grew up in that neighborhood and everybody loved him," said Kenneth Cannon.

Which makes it all the more difficult to understand what happened, and why. His young nephew says he is lost without him.

"I thank my uncle for taking the time out of their day to help me become a better man and a better person," said Justin Wells, his nephew.

Hall was a person, his loved ones say, didn't deserve this.

"I just pray that someone please step forward - if you know anything - just the tiniest bit of information can help," said Jones.

"If it was anyone in your family you would want someone to speak up so I wish that you guys would do the same," said sister Lasheva Sanford.

I know there's a lot of mothers that have lost a lot of babies and I know the pain," said Jones. "I just need someone to help me find my baby's killer - please help me."

If you have any information, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP. There is a $2,500 reward and you will remain anonymous.