1-year-old drowns in bathtub, father in another room

A 1-year-old boy drowned in a bathtub Friday in Commerce Township.

At around 11:18 a.m., the Oakland County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of a possible drowning at a home. They arrived to find the mother performing CPR on the child who was unconscious and not breathing, according to the press release.

Deputies took over until paramedics arrived, but the child died hours later at a hospital.

The father told deputies that he was bathing the 1-year-old when he went to answer his phone ringing in the other room. The mother was at the store at the time.

Deputies said the father was abnormally calm when describing what had happened to his son. Later, when he was interviewed at the OCSO Commerce Twp substation, he fell asleep in his chair in the interview room.

Detectives are investigating possible child neglect charges against the father, said Sheriff Michael Bouchard. The 37-year-old man is currently in custody in the Oakland County Jail.