10-year-old dies after crash involving SUV, horse-drawn buggy

Photo: Montcalm County Sheriff's Office

Authorities say a 10-year-old child who was injured after a horse-drawn Amish buggy was struck by an SUV in Montcalm County has died.

The sheriff's department says the child died at a hospital and a 13-year-old who was hurt in the Wednesday crash in Bloomer Township remains hospitalized.

The buggy was hit by an SUV driven by a 23-year-old woman. Investigators say bright, morning sun may have played a role in the crash.

Names of the children haven't been released. The woman and her passenger weren't hurt. The horse was euthanized.

On Thursday, seven members of a family were injured after a pickup truck struck their horse-drawn buggy on a mid-Michigan road. The Isabella County sheriff's department says the Amish buggy was destroyed in the crash in Rolland Township.

Seven Amish family members hurt when pickup truck hits buggy